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       Stairs in the end be it furniture or building materials? Important is not the title, but in how you look, from the stairs to find the details of this home love life, enjoy the feeling of love of life, is what you need.
Selected form£ºDecided to design space
       You can often see straight running style, curved staircase and a platform for the stairs in the villa there, in other words, they need larger space; if your home is a common duplex structure, then choose to run off or spiral ladder well, the smallest spiral staircase takes you only the space of 1.2 m in diameter, really save the home.
Determine the price£ºJust for their own
       In the choice of prices before, let us look at the current market price on the stairs algorithm. Different from ordinary furniture, the price of the stairs there are three algorithms£º
       1. Antao Pricing Domestic goods due to the current residence, the villa is basically the same specification that the storey duplex structure (a layer of ground floor to floor height) is generally 2.7 to 3 meters, between the villa in the 2.8 to 3.2, so the manufacturers by the stairs The design is a fixed size staircase, which set of stairs by Price, if customers have special requirements or changes can be adjusted accordingly.
       2. Valuation by single This is more popular abroad, the practice of stairs manufacturers, that offer all of the components according to the stairs, offer great detail, including the General column, pillars, small columns, balustrades, handrails, steps, vertical panels, capitals, columns tail, with pieces of even small to the expansion screws are priced separately. In China, this practice less.
       3 .Pricing by stepping
This is the most common practice, the average price is about the stairs to each stepping, your stairs a few still, then the final unit price multiplied by the total price is stepping stepping number.
       Understanding of the stairs the quotation, we can see that the price of the stairs and stepping in fact has a direct relationship between the number, the bigger your space, stepping a few more, then the total price will naturally increase.
       Determining the Number of the stepping, you need to consider the question is material, and now the common material for steel, all wood, some glass, steel and wood structure. The lowest price All steel staircase, all the most expensive wooden staircase, glass staircase, the price determined by the quality of glass, large price changes.
       In short, the price level is now a lot of stairs, from a few thousand dollars to more than ten million can buy the staircase, the staircase different for different consumer groups, as long as you choose a suit like his own.
       1 Treads is generally 16 cm height to 23 cm.
       2 In addition to vertical fence, stair railing can also be arranged horizontally.
       3 Center distance between two fence not more than 12.5 cm, or easy to reach out to the child's head, causing dangerous.
       4 Installed stairs and not damage the wall.
       5 Access the second floor of a square hole opening.
       6 Good quality of each staircase can reach 400 kg load-bearing stepping.
       Stairs at the time of purchase what is the most critical issues
       The most critical issues the stairs four major£º
       1¡¢Product safety£»
       2¡¢Product of the process of£»
       3¡¢Quality of the product£»
       4¡¢Products services.
       The four most is the brand's collection.
       About security: it depends on the entire structure of the staircase, which is what we call the stairs keel, which is the main carrier of the stairs weight, the design requirements are very strict, its main parameters are the distance between sections, square, round the wall thickness of steel plate . Square arm size, freedom of assembly because it is through continuous connection, a small error into the whole connection will create a great deviation. Therefore, the main risks to the stairs here. Consequence of better initial installation, to a certain time there will be noise and flicker. Will be trembling after a more powerful, the last major accident may occur. This is a non-standard products can not solve the problem. Our keel is the standard one.
       Process of£º        Here is primarily concerned with three parts.
       Process requires a: the level of the keel structure and the degree of vertical, if the process is poor, the stairs will be installed skewed.
       Process requires two: the stitching process treads, where the size of the first tool of raw materials, glue performance, puzzle equipment has strict technical requirements.
       Process requires three: wood products, steel products, hardware parts and screws and other surface treatment. The surface is mainly wood paint, surface treatment of steel products is spray paint or spray.
       Ever-changing shape of the stairs, most people will leave a space at the bottom of the stairs, will do some space planning, can play a good role in the collection and display, the following 4 types of usage for your reference.
¡öStorage room
Most families usually will be space for storage under the stairs, the installation of a door, which put several storage bins, categorized collection of things. In addition, the height of the steps can be scattered under the stairs, make different size drawer cabinets, directly embedded in it.
Can play a stairwell space utilization efficiency, the side wall can be used as display cabinets, display counters the trend of the stairs Keyi designed cabinet made of different sizes, by light irradiation, so beautiful beautiful display cabinet items !
¡öSmall study
If the space is large enough, then it can be converted into a small study, you become a party to a private little world, the books are very much family, may wish to make a wall shelf by the stairs, the use of this valuable space, reduce the study of "pressure."
The space under the stairs made the workplace is also a good choice. Do not put the refrigerator into the kitchen to plug in here, if the pipeline well organized, this can become a laundry room, washing machines, dryers and so can be placed here.
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